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About Lydia


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Lydia McKee (b.1998) is London-born abstract artist. She began painting at a young age and has continued to create art throughout her life. Lydia uses her art as an exploration of self expression, emotion and experience.


Lydia thrives on working on a large scale, utilizing the movements of her body to guide the composition of her work and to apply her unique mark-making techniques. Her artistic approach involves painting her larger scale works from a ladder, directly onto canvas, a defining feature of her practice.


More often, her artistic vision is shaped by internal emotions, technique and color theory, with the pigments themselves serving as a wellspring of inspiration. The ability for viewers to immerse themselves in her canvases, unveiling hidden details with every gaze, is a hallmark of her artistic style.

Lydia is currently working full time from her studio in Los Angeles, California.

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